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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Galahs have babies too

I managed to take pictures of this Galah chick, still unable to fly and being fed by both his parents. It looks nearly like a Major Mitchell's Cockatoo on the photo below, doesn't it?

below: The left hand side photo is a 100% crop from the one above (mother and baby) and the right one shows the father. I wish I haven't cropped his wing, but he took me by surprise :( As I have mentioned before you can recognize the female Galah by the red iris, which is clearly visible here.


  1. beautiful photo's Nickolay.
    Incredible, how did you come across this tree with the baby galahs?
    I spotted the Silvereye's, they are very excit5ed little birds.
    But the Noisy Miner chicks are my favorite!

  2. Blackcrow, thank you for posting the first comment on this blog!
    I like the colors on the Noisy Miner chicks photos a lot too - very painting-like, warm and soft. I will post some more from that same series in the next week or so.