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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Flash :(

Being a classically trained animator, having the bad luck to start working at the end of the analog era, I'm quite a proficient user of Flash, Toon Boom and many other animation and graphic apps. After all my 14 years in this industry, working in nearly all the possible creative positions, I know three things for sure:
- no tablet matches the resolution of paper,
- no stylus matches the pressure sensitivity of a plain pencil,
- no software is better than a lightbox.

Cutouts are OK. In the hands of Animators who can draw and know what animation is, cutouts can produce some decent results. It becomes a real disaster when people who know the technical side of the programs are hired as animators and do that awful mechanical crap that is so often shown on TV nowadays – thoughtlessly tweening pre-drawn symbols.

My post was triggered by these (click and click) two discussions. If you like cartoons, if you are an animator, you might find them interesting.

A Flash production is usually the best kind of work an industry animator could get nowadays :(

Here are the links again:


  1. hey,
    I have to agree that there is not much life and gesture in most major flash animations,
    then you get a few that just show you what is possible....if you can draw....