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Thursday, November 8, 2007

What a wake-up

It was such a nice surprise that the White Cockatoos visited me this morning. Well... they visited a nearby cypress tree, but I could hear them, quickly put some clothes on and still fully asleep took several photos. What birds with personality they are!
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  1. wow, no wonder you where excited at work this morning.
    I love the sky colour on these too.
    Very cool shots!

  2. Isn't the sky a bit too gloomy? I wish it were more contrasty.
    But I'm so glad I could take those photos. I've only had 3-4 White Cockatoo pictures and the one that I posted last week was the best one.
    Now I will flood the blog with these awesome birds.

  3. You know me Nickolay I love the grey and gloomy! Makes a change from them being seen against the great Aussie blue sky.
    You can tell these cockatoo's are definitely in Tasmania.
    Hey thanks for the link too.