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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Welcome Swallow

I was holding some Swallow photos hoping that I would get a decent 'in flight' shot and make a remarkable post. No luck so far. They are tiny, ultra fast and quite unpredictable. I find it very hard to follow them with the telephoto at 300mm.
Above are two young Welcome Swallows in early November 2007, Hobart, Tasmania
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  1. nick.. try setting your shutter speed to ubr fast and put your expos high to burn the film to get nicer image and the nput the camera on auto snap so you just hold dow nthe button and it takes zillions of photos every second... that way you do not need to follow the tiny bird in flight....

    Not perfect but might be worth a try.. i found it can get good flight shots of far away small things.

  2. Steve, that's nearly exactly what I'm doing. Still pretty hard to get a crisp in-focus image :( Will keep on trying.