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Sunday, January 6, 2008

White-faced Heron

White-faced Heron, Peppermint Bay, Tasmania
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  1. nick, your images blow me away... you have a real talent man... where do you find all these little guys? Just take your camera everywhere or do you go out looking for them on hikes or somthing?

    I think you should make some calenders with your images and sell them at a market or somthing... i bet people would buy them.

    I was kinda expecting one for xmas :P

  2. Hi Steve! Thank you for the nice compliment!

    Yeah, just have the camera in my bag most of the time or go to places that I think might be suitable for photos on the weekends.

    For now I really want to keep it as a hobby as this way I'm fully enjoying it. If other factors get involved things might change...