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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Updated labels

I spent some time today making the label system even more efficient and straight-forward.
The labels are now clearly separated in groups and the groups are easily distinguished by their framing characters. The bracketing (framing) characters don't mean anything, I just chose them according to their alphanumeric value so that the groups are arranged logically from top to bottom.

So how does the whole system work now?

A list of all the labels used in all the posts so far is available on the right side of this blog and is always accessible from every page for easy navigation.

On top of it all in (brackets) are some urgent issues, such as (need HELP to ID).

Below are some very general labels, such as :: action ::, :: cute ::, :: portrait :: which describe more the form or the genre of the photo, rather than the subjects photographed.

Next come very wide groups of creatures: [parrots], [small birds], [water birds], etc. Clicking on the label [small bird] for example will display all birds that I consider to be small - New Holland Honeyeaters, Grey Fantails, Silvereyes, Robins, etc.

Next comes a narrower list that will display all ]currawongs[, all ]rosellas[, all ]ducks[, etc. Most of these have several different species that will be included in the search. ]rosellas[ for example will display all Rosellas, including Green, Eastern, Crimson, etc.

Individual species are labeled like this: Rainbow Lorikeet, Grey Fantail, Black-faced Cormorant, etc.

Last comes a section with technical or other information in it such as |notes/updates| or |FinePixS5500|

[edit: 30 Nov 2009] As I have been very inconsistent in the use of ]rosella, duck, etc.[ labels, I decided to remove them altogether for now. I might reintroduce them once the bloG is completed, and carefully re-label everything so that it makes more sense.

[edit: 6 Jan 2010] As promised some time ago the rosella, cockatoo, cormorant, duck, large bird, etc. labels were reintroduced upon the completion of this project. I have also separated those labels from the species list for clarity.