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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Quality of uploaded photos

I have noticed that about a month ago the quality of blogger thumbnails degraded drastically. It wasn't until today that I realized they were re-compressing and ruining our photos during upload. That must have happened around the time when Blogger albums became Picassa albums. This is a real shame and a very frustrating discovery for a photo blogger.

I did a test, uploading the file directly to Picasa and then linking here. You can see the difference:
above: Uploaded directly to Picassa, this is the file I intended to publish. This is how I wanted it to look like. (294k)
above: Uploaded to Blogger, this is the soft crap that the new upload algorithm produces (142k)

My question: Is Google running out of disk space? Are they trying in despair to save 100k per image? My usage meter shows that I have used less than 10% of my storage quota, but my photos have been ruined for over a month!
Has anyone else noticed this?

The solution at this point seems obvious and easy, yet fiddly. I will identify when the genius of jpeg 'optimization' got his job with Google. Then will re-upload all those destroyed photos and update the old posts. How exciting! #@&*$!!!
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  1. My photos are fairly compressed before I upload them and they seem to stay the same size. It seems they may be compressing anything over 150KB. Seems a bit silly as they only offer 1GB anyway so it's not as if a person can use more than they are offering.

  2. Hi Mosura!
    The logic of this whole thing looks quite weird so far. I've made some observations on the randomness with which images were picked and re-compressed. The choice is obviously made by a bot. I'm trying to figure out what the stupid AI looks for. When I know more, I will post all the info that I have...