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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Happy Birthday PoAA!

Well... the big day is today!
One year of blogging, many exciting moments, nearly 20 000 photos taken, 500 photos uploaded and nearly 300 posts!
Many people visited this site, some even dared to 'speak' to me, post comments or email me. Thank you girls and boys! It's really nice to know that you are around and enjoying this or that picture!

I wanted to do something fun and different to mark the occasion and I decided to release this Picassa collage as a Happy Birthday! PoAA bloG poster. It contains nearly all the photos published here during the past 365 days. The file is 3000 by 1687 pixels and 1,5Mb.

click on the thumbnail to open the hi-res file

What I couldn't finish was the re-uploading. It's only half way through. It's fiddly, it takes time and I can't do it every day. But I am progressing and some day all the old posts will be with much better quality.
What else did I do? A new flash header with fancy buttons and an ultra-flexible and well organized labeling system ;)
And I learned a lot more about the birds and animals that I love so much. I enjoyed watching them, being among them and reading about them.

David Attenborough once said in an interview that capturing intimate moments of wild animals' life and behavior on film is the strongest weapon we have to raise the public awareness about environmental problems and engage public opinion in conservation causes. I would be glad if this blog is another little drop into the flood that totally changed the way of thinking about nature and ecology of the majority of the civilized people during the second half of the 20th century.

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