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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Bee attack

As with many other nice action shots, things in the field happen so quickly that you don't fully realize what you've seen until later when you look at the photos. This insect was there for only a second and the Rosella wasn't happy. It's interesting that later in the sequence the bee just disappears, but there aren't any signs of whether the Rosella swallowed it or it just flew away. I'm afraid, that this will remain a mystery forever...
Green Rosella, Bee or Wasp, Tasmania
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  1. Oh wow I hope it didn't swallow the bea/wasp. Nice action shots.

    I saw you this morning as I was heading off to work..Couldn't stop because I was in the car going in the other dirrection.

    Hope all goes well for you in the future! :) Still this doesn't mean I'll stop looking at your blog ;)

  2. Hi Laura! Thanks for dropping by and, yes, me too hopes all goes well in the future :)
    Until soon