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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Black-headed Honeyeater

It's a pity that I have clipped the tail. I was so excited to spot the Black-headed Honeyeater that obviously wasn't paying any attention to the framing. More interesting photos of this series to come soon. I just don't have much time for blogging recently.
Black-headed Honeyeater, Tasmania
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  1. Hello from the United States, Nickolay!
    Thank you for the welcome to the Blogosphere.
    I'm going through your photos and enjoying it very much.
    A friend gave me a field guide to the Birds of Australia(Simpson and Day) a few years ago in the hopes that I will visit one day. You never know what can happen in life...
    See ya,

  2. Thanks for dropping by, Dave!

    I wish you have a chance to visit Australia soon. I'm sure you will enjoy it very much. The wildlife is abundant and photogenic :D And parrots, parrots, parrots everywhere!