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Monday, January 12, 2009


I notice that as the time passes and I get more experienced, I tend to frame my models with more and more air around them. I kind of started to love showing more of the environment. This new trend will soon lead to the necessity of having a separate close-up variant of the same picture, 'cause if I go on like this, the main subject of interest will be just a little invisible pixel. I need to find balance!

There's one more thing that's been bothering me for a while: What is the best way to add the Scientific Names of all the species to posts and labels. There must be an easy and elegant solution. If I were a programmer I would create some kind of tool that would fill in the scientific name for me once I write the popular one. Even if I have to write it myself the first time, it will be very handy to have it written automatically all other times. Will keep thinking on this.
Pied Oystercatcher, Tasmania
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  1. That's a great photo. The bird is great and I like the amount of detail which shows around the bird on the immediate rocks.

  2. Interesting you should mention about lables because I've just noticed my blogger account doing exactly what you want. Now when I go to use the lables and it's already pre-exhisting word I'll get a little menu so I can select the correct word. I am guessing your blogger account doesn't do this? Kind of strange if my account does and yours wouldn't though..

  3. Hi Laura!
    May be I didn't explain well. My blogger does the label trick too. I'm just dreaming of having it assist me one step further.
    You know how countless people write countless little applications, called gadgets or widgets (most of them completely useless). I was thinking that such an app that has a simple data base behind would make all the nature blogs searchable by Latin names... And it would very easily learn the equivalent of all the names of all the animals that people input into it in any language.
    Say I'm blogging in English about a Pacific Black Duck and input its Latin name - Anas superciliosa then from this moment on the program will know it. If another person blogs in a different language they will type in the common name in their own language, but the Latin will be exactly the same. And then Google and Blogger will be able to index and return both as results.
    It can be a feature incorporated in Blogger - a self-educating Latin-speaking wild-life bloggers assistant script :D
    And there are so many people interested in wild life, I'm sure there will be more than enough supporters.
    But that's the bigger goal, which I'm not able to achieve by myself.

    My much more modest goal is to figure out how to easily add the scientific names to the existing hundreds of posts and labels. I need something clever and elegant, not just editing every single post one by one...

  4. Thanks Mick! I like the detail on the surroundings too. May be I can just get away by changing the title to 'Rocks and wildlife surroundings blog' :D