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Monday, January 5, 2009

KuKaBuRa :D

A friend mentioned that he spotted a Kookaburra a couple of days ago, which reminded me that I photographed one last week too. Aren't they beautiful!
Laughing Kookaburra, Tasmania
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  1. G'day Nickolay,
    Wonderful shots. They are a great bird - pretty well iconic for us. I'm always intrigued by the pale blue feathers. In my shots it always looks like that part is out of focus!

  2. Great photos. I am hoping that some will come by soon and let me get a video of them laughing.

  3. G'day Gouldiae!
    Now when you mentioned it, I can see that they look out of focus on my photos too :D I guess this is the nature of those feathers - very soft and fluffy, diffusing the light somehow.

  4. Hi Mick,
    thanks for dropping by!

    It's a great spectacle to see a whole family group laughing. Once, when I was living in Sydney, I witnessed an incredible gathering of 12-15 birds - all of them laughing simultaneously. I didn't have any camera at the time :(
    And I haven't seen anything close to this amazing performance since then...