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Friday, February 27, 2009


Sulphur-crested Cockatoos, Tasmania
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  1. Hi Nickolay.
    Lovely images.
    Is that a Walnut being devoured?

  2. Lovely photos. I like the way you have photographed the white birds against the darker background.

  3. Hi Denis,
    Thank you for dropping by and commenting!
    I think it's a Walnut, but I'm not 100% sure. Many times I'm not sure about plants, but I have no one to ask :(

  4. Thank you, Mick!
    It's always a challenge to get good exposure of the white Cockies. When they are not moving much I can compensate and adjust settings, but when I take in-flight shots I get 99% rubbish - either overexposed bird or too dark and noisy/grainy bg with bird looking not too great either. Cloudy overcast days with softer light should be better, but still the contrast is usually very high...

  5. Juglans regia, Walnut.
    Perfect time for pickling and for making walnut schnapps....I think the cockatoos know this too.
    Great photo's.
    Just changing the subject, have you read John K's recent posts???

  6. Hi BlackCrow!
    Just read the last 3 John K posts. Thanks for mentioning them. I was focusing on other things lately and have missed a lot of the new stuff. I don't have much to say unfortunatey :( In my case I'm only regretting for the two lost years...

    :) And thank you for the Walnut confirmation.