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Thursday, February 5, 2009

An impossible game

I know that it is an impossible game, but every now and then I keep playing it. I have a good camera, but a sharp detailed image of a Swallow in flight is above its capabilities. It must be my character - I just don't like to give up - that makes me hope for a chance, pure luck, just a coincidence. How exciting it would be to get such a photo! Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be very likely to happen. Below are some of my most successful results so far. Good intentions are one thing, but reality is usually bitter :(
"Go shoot egrets", I often tell to myself, "and leave the small creatures alone."
Welcome Swallow, Tasmania
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  1. I'm speechless!! These are very impressive shots.
    They flew around me yesterday at lunch though the park and I thought about how fast they where going and how I how hard it would be to capture them in flight...and you did it!!

  2. Thank you, BlackCrow! Even though there is some detail on these shots they are very far from what I'm hoping to get one day. Small agile creatures are such a challenge for the photographer...

  3. I know you're not happy with them, but I think these shots are amazing! I just put up some terrible pictures of finches that I tried to photograph in Salamanca last week. You might have heard from the others about the finches playing guitars? As I was standing there trying to get a clear photo, I wondered what you could have captured if you were there!