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Monday, March 9, 2009


Unlike some fellow bloggers, I haven't had any luck with raptors so far. I either don't have the camera with me or they are just too far away, or back lit, or something else. I can't even ID this one. So, please, dear readers, if you know who this is, share your knowledge with the ignorant. :)
An unidentified Raptor, photographed in February near a beach in South-Eastern Tasmania
[edit - 12 April 2009] After Studying the link provided by BlackCrow and Dave Lewis' suggestion that it probably is a Harrier, I'm convinced now that this is a young Swamp Harrier!
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  1. Hi Nickolay,
    I only have one guide to the birds of Australia, but it looks like it may be a Spotted Harrier. This may be the wrong habitat for it though. Good luck!

  2. Hi Nickolay,
    I would pick Brown Falcon - possibly a young bird.

    John Tongue
    Ulverstone, Tas.

  3. Hi Dave! Thank you for the suggestion. I have a good field guide too, but still I'm not sure. I tend to think it is a Harrier, but maybe not Spotted.

  4. Hi John!
    Thank you for dropping by and leaving a comment. Very much appreciated.
    Not sure about the Brown Falcon. It was a pretty big bird, though I can't really tell how big, but my feeling is that it was bigger than a Brown Falcon...
    I hoped to get more suggestions, but it seems that the readers are not sure either :(
    Thanks again, John!
    and best regrads

  5. I'd say it was a Swamp Harrier, not quite an adult.
    I had a look here http://www.pbase.com/tassiebirds/birds_of_prey