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Monday, June 29, 2009

Superb Blue Wren

Male Superb Blue Wren, NSW
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  1. Fantastic image, Nickolay.
    Lovely bird.

  2. A beautiful photo - wrens seldom sit still for long!

  3. wow this is my favourite of Australian wildlife birds! It's such a beautiful photo Nickolay! I haven't checked your blog for awhile, Tim and I have been wondering "where is Nickolay now?". I see you're in Sydney now hey! We moved to Melbourne around April, just before you left Tassie also. What a great island for views and photos huh.

  4. @ Denis
    Thank you, Denis! They are lovely birds and I had a very unexpected chance to get some good photos the other day. I'll post more soon.

    @ Mick
    Thank you, Mick! They move all the time and seldom stop for more than a few seconds. This was the first time in the past couple of years when I could photograph the Blue Wrens well.

    @ Dave
    Thank you, Dave! Always good to hear a nice word from a 'colleague' :)

    @ Rosey
    Hey Rosey,
    Great to have you drop by and leave a comment! Hope all is going well for you in Melboune. Pass regards to Tim! :)

  5. Great shot Nickolay.
    Wonderful little bird aren't they? Everyone seems to love them.