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Friday, July 3, 2009

Best Blog Friend :)

Who is my best blogging friend?
I have more than one!

The most rewarding thing about blogging was the support and encouragement of like-minded people.
The positive comments under some of the better photos, the interesting information and experiences that people share in a friendly way - this is what has motivated me to keep posting beyond the time of initial enthusiasm.

I feel extremely grateful and happy to have virtually met these people and wanted to do something more than just saying "Thank you" which I usually do in replies to comments (and it is a bit worn out).

The only virtual gift I could think of was a badge for their blogs, a 'thank you, you're my best blog friend' badge. So I drew a little picture and here it is:
best blog friend!
So, dear Mick, Grace, Rosey, Gouldiae, Dave and Denis, this little owl is for you!

It comes accompanied with a big smile. I really enjoy reading your fantastic blogs, learning new things, seeing what you have seen and sharing virtual friendship.

You can pass the badge to other people, if you like. You can put it on the side bars of your blogs, if you like it, or just save it to your HDDs. It's up you. It comes with no rules, requirements or obligations.

Your blogs are great and you are my best blog friends!

below is the code, if you like to have the badge.
1. on white background

2. on black background

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  1. Thanks Nickolay
    I am wearing my new Best Blof Friend badge proudly on my blog.
    Many thanks

  2. Sorry for the typo.
    I am wearing my new "Best Blog Friend" badge proudly on my blog.

  3. Thanks Nickolay!
    I'll put my Brest Dog Fiend badge up tonight...wait, I spelled that wrong...it must be rubbing off! (It's all in fun Denis!)
    Cheers buddy!

  4. Thanks very much Nickolay - mine will go up later today as well.

  5. Thanks Nickolay - worn with pride.

  6. thanks Nickolay!!
    I'll put my best friend badge on today, I'll pass on a couple to others!

    I's freeeeeeeezzzzzzzing too cold for taking photo's outside:( or am I just a big chicken?