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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Noisy M -- brave, aggresive and loud!

We all know that Noisy Miners are sociable, brave, territorial and aggressive. But how brave exactly? Photos like this one show something more than the standard 'squeak! squeak!'-and-fly-away behavior. This little bird was chasing two big Ravens high in the sky and for a long distance. I can only speculate on whether the Ravens had previously threatened or raided Noisy M's nest, but it is a fact that agility, braveness and support among family/community members make them a very successful species.
Noisy Miner attacking a pair of Australian Ravens, NSW
I wish I had more time to just watch the sky with a camera in hands. A lot of interesting action is going on there all the time. I also wish this image had less noise. Tried to remove some of it, but with very limited success...
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