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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The wet birds of Canberra

I had to travel to Canberra for a day on Monday and was hoping to get the chance to photograph some of the birds there. Unfortunately the weather was incredibly nasty all day. It rained and rained, and rained, and I could hardly take the camera out of the bag. It was even more frustrating, because of the fact that there were King Parrots and Crimson Rosellas everywhere. Even though I can see representatives of those two species here, in Sydney, I can never get close enough for a good photo. Well... I could get close enough in Canberra, but was too worried about my precious gear.
top to bottom: Wet Australian Raven, Male Red-rumped Parrot, Male Australian King Parrot, Crimson Rosella, Wet Australian Magpie, ACT
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