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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Black-faced Cormorant: final appearance

Cormorants were frequent guests on the pages of this bloG over the years. Black-faced Cormorants are quite common in Hobart and most locals couldn't understand my interest in them. During my first months there, I was obviously talking quite openly how exciting it was to be able to photograph Cormorants during lunch time and a colleague asked: "So what's so interesting about a cormorant?". I tried to explain, but soon gave up and later only talked about birds and animals with people who had persistent and deep interest in the matter. During the last months there, however, I used photography, birds and animals as a topic for superficial politically-correct conversations to avoid all the potentially dangerous work-related themes.

Cormorants are amazing ultra-efficient and beautiful creatures. I can watch them dry their wings, dive, preen, fly away and come back for hours. I love their green eyes, their streamlined heads and their funny penguin-like walk.

There are quite many photos in this post, more than the usual 3-5, but I thought all of these images were good enough to show to the world. With this I'd like to say "Good bye!" to the Black-faced Cormorant and thank them for the great assistance and photographic opportunities.

Black-faced Cormorants, Tasmania
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