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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Baby Rainbow Lorikeets

But, of course, from a photographer's point of view the most rewarding sequences were the beautiful images of cute Rainbow Lorikeet fledglings that I managed to take. I often hear the typical squeaky call of young Lorikeets, but this was the first time I saw baby parrots just out of the 'nest'.
For ten seconds the parent assessed the risk, decided there was none and then went on to feeding the youngster.
The scene was heart-warming, light was just right, sky was cloudy and the setting was beautiful.
There were two fledglings that could jump into the branches and climb up the tree trunk using their feet and beaks. The next images show how funny and cute they looked with their non-existent wings and tails.
Good luck, little parrots! Hope your primaries grow fast!!!
Rainbow Lorikeet youngsters, NSW
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