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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Zoo photos

On 25 March my ex-wife, Maria, and I marked 10 years since we landed in Sydney with two backpacks and the money to buy one decent DSLR body with a couple of lenses.
Sulphur-crested Cockatoos and Ibis were friendlier than the people and greeted us with 'Good morning'.

These 10 years were hard. There were many changes and huge disappointments.
The one thing that has not changed at all is our fascination with the Australian wildlife.

To celebrate our 10-th anniversary in this country we went to a small zoo which we once visited in 2003 – Koala Park Sanctuary in Pennant Hills, NSW.

Zoos always make me very sad... but this one is kind of OK.
I usually don't go to zoos and this is the first time when I'm publishing zoo photos on the pages of this bloG. I thought that the photos turned up quite nice and with the wild Koalas quickly losing habitat it is very likely that I'll never get a chance to photograph one in its natural environment.

Koalas and Easren Grey Kangaroo in Koala Park Sanctuary, NSW
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  1. A very Australian experience indeed! I have never seen a koala before so I am very jealous! Thanks for sharing these lovely photos.


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