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Monday, July 31, 2017

A spherical impression of Hobart's Constitution Dock as reflected in the crystal-clear water, bent by the nose of a seal

This is a pretty rare capture. That day, 10 March 2017, the water was very clear and the camera could actually focus through the surface. Taken at 1/500 it is a part of a sequence that followed the seal from about 1.5m deep till he popped out in a spray of water droplets, breathed noisily out and in and made some ripples and splashes.

Here the water tension keeps surface flexible to a point and just as a spherical mirror, it reflects and distorts the surrounding buildings of Constitution Dock and Mako fish punt. The water is bent from underneath by the local celebrity, Sammy.
New Zealand Fur Seal, Tasmania
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I had entered this photo into a local 'science photography' competition, but withdrew it today.
I have no other way to announce this withdrawal, but to publish a statement on my bloG.
The reason for withdrawal is that I believe the organisers (initially unintentionally) violated their own terms of participation, accepting an entry from another photographer, which did not qualify, but refused to act upon this violation when I pointed out the case to them.

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