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Friday, March 7, 2008


A friend recently said that she hasn't had the chance to spot a Tawny Frogmouth in the wild yet. It's not easy to see them and since I came to Tasmania I haven't seen even one. But I can count more than a dozen times when I have come across those 'dead branches' in Sydney and Melbourne. The photos below were taken with my old FinePix S5500 in Sydney and Melbourne.

Tawny Frogmouth, Sydney and Melbourne
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  1. Thanks for posting some more pics Nickolay :D These are awesome, especially that pair of them!

  2. I wish the image quality on these was better. but my camera at the time had its limitations, especially the softness at the end of its telephoto range.

    I could never figure out whether 'the pair' was a couple or a parent and a kid. The Tawny at the back looks a bit smaller, doesn't it?

    Good luck with your Tawny Frogmouth spotting, Resey! and best regards!