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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Kelp at lunch

Well... I know that most people wouldn't waste their film on seagulls, but I enjoy watching them at my lunch time. And I'm not wasting film as my camera is digital. Yeah, I know shutter's life is not endless. But I find Pacific and Kelp Gulls (and even Silver) amazing. Later I'd sit and watch for minutes such a photo admiring the detail and structure of the wings.
Immature Kelp Gull, Tasmania
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  1. Great photo and its especially interesting since we don't have Kelp Gulls up here in QLD. Photos such as this are a great help to learning new birds.

  2. Being a common species makes them no less interesting to observe. Wonderful shot!

  3. Hi Mick! Thanks for dropping by!
    Kelp Gulls are quite similar to Pacific, maybe just a little bit smaller. Their call is what I would characterize as the archetypical seagull sound. It's just great to hear them.
    Visit PoAA again some other time :)

    Yes, Mosura, I agree. Being common, means they are very adaptable, very successful and very intelligent, I guess. Regards!