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Monday, February 23, 2009

More Brushes :D

The wildlife photographer should be always ready to use unexpected opportunities. I was looking at a group of White Cockatoos, having the camera set for ultra bright high-contrast targets, when this curious Little Wattlebird came close to inspect me. It was very unexpected, but apparently my reaction has been quite adequate as I got some nice crisp correctly-exposed images. As you know with Wattlebirds, they never stay long in one place, so it was all very quick. The nicest surprise was the second photo, illustrating the end of the inspection. The focus is just right and the moment is beautifully frozen.
Little Wattlebird, Tasmania
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  1. Very nice photos, indeed. I tried for some time yesterday to get photos of wattlebirds - and no success. As you say - they are very quick.