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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Venomous bulkmail (how annoying!)

I hate bulkmail! I hate paper being wasted and trees being killed to print useless commercial booklets.
But much more than this I hate propaganda - political or religious, it doesn't matter. During my childhood in Bulgaria I was exposed to communist propaganda and brainwashed since the first day in kidergarten. It required a lot of tact, delicate conversations and years of ongoing efforts from my family to neutralize the venom and make me a sane and responsible person with normal value system who questions everything and gradually builds his own opinion on important topics.

Coming home yesterday I found this dirty little A4 xerox copy in my mailbox. Not the usual K-mart, Coles, Dick Smith junk. It's idiotic religious propaganda written by brainless, greedy fanatics for other brainless idiots, or sluggish people with no opinion of their own. I hate such stuff! I hate being given such things. And I feel offended by the aggressive stupidity of this text, its false, misleading logic and the tickboxes at the end of it. I don't mind the Bible or it's existence, but I very much doubt that it has answers for everything. Fanaticism is so dangerous.
you can click on the image to view a hi-res version
The good 'ultra-intelligent designer' who created me from dust! Thank you so much, o, white bearded, white robe wearing great thing!
When I was younger I did a course in Ancient Philosophy. It was then when I first came across the paradox of the Evil or Powerless god. The paradox says: There is so much pain, misfortune, death and suffering in the world. A god who sees this and lets it happen can be either evil, totally powerless, doesn't care at all or be nonexistent.
I wouldn't argue more. People can believe in whatever they like. They can limit their mind potential with dogmatism of any kind, if they like. But dropping this kind of crap in my own mailbox is an intrusion. It made me angry for a while and spoiled a part of my evening.

Evolution is not a theory. Evolution is History!

ps. I will feel really sorry if my post is offensive to some of my readers. I would have never raised the issue or argue about this if I wasn't provoked.


  1. Yeh, I hate this stuff too.
    I really don't like that people manage to get enough traction to push this politically, and that there are people out there so unaware of science that this stuff seems convincing to them.

  2. In the states for the past eight years we've had to deal with this "Moral Majority" crap. They've insinuated their way in to the political world and have nearly ruined this country.
    Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but don't push it on others.
    And then we get to the 'political correctness' agenda...aarrrrggghhhhh!
    Thanks for listening,