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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Tasmanian icons

My stay on Tasmania started and ended with the Masked Lapwings. They were the first birds to spot near the airport, minutes after landing. They are very common and extremely cute. Black-faced Cormorants were a very common sighting too. I've taken hundreds of cormo photos and still find them fascinating. Even though I'm thousands of kilometers away now, I will keep posting Tasmanian wildlife for a while as I go through the thousands of unsorted images. So stay tuned...
above: Masked Lapwing, Tasmania
above: Lovely Magnolia, Tasmania
above: Black-faced Cormorant, Tasmania
above: Black-faced Cormorant, Tasmania
above: Vested Seal, Tasmania
above: Masked Lapwing, Tasmania
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  1. Lovely photos again.
    I thought I should comment here as well as on my blog that you are unlikely to see Lesser Crested Terns down in Tassie or anywhere that far south. They stay up in much warmer waters and are more common further north from here even.

  2. G'day Nickolay,
    Beautiful sharp images as usual - love your work. Glad we'll be seeing more for a while yet.

  3. It looks like you may have had a "vested interest" in that seal!
    I loved the shot of the Cormorant taking off. You pics are always crystal clear.

  4. Vested Seal!!:o)
    the black faced cormorant taking off is beautiful. You can really feel the weight of the bird.
    I can never get my masked lapwings in focus!!
    When will we see some NSW wildlife??

  5. Oh wow - I'm so envious. I have always wanted to see a vested seal in the wild.

    Beautiful photos!

  6. @ Mick ::
    Thank you, Mick! Sorry for the late reply! I wish I knew more about terns. As you say the ones photographed on Tasmania must be Crested as the Lesser Crested don't show up there. I'm wondering why the beak color is so orange then...

    @ Gouldiae ::
    Thank you, Gouldiae! There will be more, I promise. I hope to be able to get back to regular blogging soon.
    Best regards!

    @ Dave ::
    Hey Dave,
    I get one crystal clear image out of 50, I think. This must be 2%. Doesn't sound like a great score to me :D
    As for the Cormo taking off - I'm only learning from you how to shoot from the right side.

    @ BlackCrow ::
    This Cormo take off pic clearly shows how they have their four toes webbed. Ducks and most others only have three.
    Do you remember when the seal had the vest? It only lasted for one day :)

    @ Gabrielle ::
    Hi Gabrielle!
    Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment!
    As I wrote above is was a very rare chance to spot that seal wear her vest as she did it only for a day :) :)
    Come again!