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Monday, May 25, 2009

Some of my new 'neighbours'

These guys frequently check what I'm doing and if my camera is ready and responsive enough. I didn't want to disappoint them so I took some quick snaps from the window.
above: Rainbow Lorikeet at the window, Sydney
above: Juv. Pied Currawong, Sydney
above: Rainbow Lorikeet at the window, Sydney
above: Juv. Pied Currawong at the window, Sydney
above: Adult Pied Currawong, Sydney

So far at the new place I have seen/heard the Laughing Kookaburras (they wake everyone else up at 5:45 every morning), the Aussie Magpies, the Pied Currawongs, the Butcherbirds, the Aussie Ravens, the No(i)sy M-s, the Suphur-crested Cockies, the Rainbow Lorikeets, the Galahs, the King Parrot (I think), the Feral Pigeons, the Brushtail Possums, some tree frogs and lots and lots of insects.
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  1. Great photos - nice new bird neighbors but noisy ones by the sounds of it!

  2. Hey about time we get to see some of your friends from Sydney!
    Wow, tree frogs, when do we get to see those??
    Feral Pigeons sound dangerous!

  3. Hi Nickolay,
    Now there's some cool birds to see out the window! A little bit different from Ohio!

  4. Hi Nickolay
    Lots of good birds in Sydney.
    Hope you are settling in OK.

  5. @ Mick
    That's very true, Mick! They are noisy indeed. But I love noisy birds and I never find them annoying :D

    @ BlackCrow
    Feral Pigeon is a very dangerous animal, nothing like the normal ones. They have big teeth and hu-u-ge claws!

    @ Dave Lewis
    They are such fun to watch, Dave! Having them harass me all the time is one of the advantages (I guess) of living on the sixth floor :D

    @ Denis Wilson
    Hi Denis,
    So far so good! Great birds and warmer winter - what more can a 'frequent walker' wish for :)
    Best regards!