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Monday, June 15, 2009

Currawong Song

As I have mentioned in a previous post there are many young Currawongs around. They are playful, they seek each other's company and they organize fantastic concerts nearly every afternoon. Some days it's far away from my window, but on several occasions it took place in the nearby tree. I wanted to share their beautiful song with the visitors of this blog, esp. the ones who live overseas.
I wish I had a microphone that suited outdoor recording better. This one is good for PC-to-PC calls, but doesn't handle well even the weakest breeze. It's not easy to find where to upload an mp3 file these days, so notorious they have become. The only way round I could think of was to use a Flash container. It took some time to build it, but I can use it in the future if I record more sounds. Multimedia is so much fun!
The length of the recording is about 70 seconds and the file size is ~700k. Rainbow Lorikeets can be heard in the bg too. Enjoy!
Pied Currawongs, Sydney
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  1. Wow, every where in the world has such amazing birds and there are so many different songs to hear. Thanks for sharing. That's something I wouldn't have had the pleasure of hearing otherwise.